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Welcome to Waterside Dental Practice

Welcome to Waterside Dental Practice, our friendly family dental practice which looks after your health and provides quality dental care to the Hythe, Dibden Purlieu, Hardley, Fawley and the rest of the Waterside and Southampton community.

Waterside Dental Practice’s purpose is to distinguish ourselves as a practice that looks after your health by providing comprehensive dentistry of the very highest quality. We state that we work for our patients, and that at all times they will be treated with dignity, understanding and respect. In doing this every member of our team feels valued and respected.

We recognise that patients, who are happy with the way they are cared for, are much more motivated to achieve good oral health. Happy patients become healthy patients and want to stay that way with ongoing care.

We are taking on new patients and would love to have you join the long list of happy and satisfied clients. See our Testimonials page for some extracts from our recent Client Satisfaction Survey.

Waterside Dental Practice

Providing comprehensive dentistry of the very highest quality

Focussing On Health

Dentists now believe that the health of gums can be more important than ever before. Emerging research suggests that those with heart problems, lung disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, erectile dysfunction etc. may be more at risk from the ‘added load of inflammation’ in the mouth than others. Our hygienist/therapist, Natalie Mileto, helps our patients maintain good mouth health and prevent and control gum problems. The most important part of her work is in helping you develop the skills, tools and techniques which will help you remove plaque from every surface of every tooth every day. Good mouth health is not only potentially very good for our bodies - it also helps reduce our risks of future dental problems and expensive complicated treatments! Our philosophy is very much to Prevent (problems) & Maintain (health), whilst still providing general and cosmetic dentistry to the highest standards.

Hygienist Programme

By working with the dentist, our hygienists will deliver a personalised hygiene programme tailored to your specific needs – a plan designed to protect and maintain your dental health. The hygienist has extensive knowledge and experience of the way in which different factors - such as your genetic make-up, lifestyle, age, diet and dental hygiene - can affect gum disease and tooth decay. With this in mind, they will offer practical advice and demonstrations on working the programme into your daily routine.

Patient Referral Program - Free £10

We run a referral program for new patients at Waterside Dental. Any current patient that refers a new patient to our practice, will get £10 in cash! There is no limit to the number of patients you can refer, so spread the news and start earning.

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